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What is a Pod? NFP Pods, also called Pods, are small networking groups that meet regularly. Members of Pods exchange referrals, share information, brainstorm about how to make their businesses more successful and introduce each other to other professionals who can help grow their businesses. Before a Pod can become active it must be approved by the NFP Main Office.

How do NFP Pods differ from other referral based networking groups? When you join an NFP Pod you can become an online member of NFP at no extra cost! You'll be able to post your professional profile online and network with other professionals through the NFP web site at your convenience. You can also buy online tickets to any of our Business Networking EVENTS, including our signature "Shakers and Stirrers" Networking Mixers and "High Speed Networking" events at the Member price.

Unlike some networking groups, one size does not fit all at NFP. NFP Pods are largely autonomous. They determine their own name, description, meeting time, member base and focus. Many different types of Pods can exist within the NFP framework.

I want to start a new Pod. What do I do? The first step is to have the "NFP PODS: OVERVIEW" emailed to you. Click Here to request a copy!

You'll need a name for your proposed Pod as well as a one paragraph description of the Pod you are looking to start. Pods may be open to all professionals or made up of a certain group of professionals. Members of a Pod may not compete with each other in business. Pods may focus on generating referrals between members, or they may have other priorities in addition to this. For Example: "We aim to be a think tank for young entrepreneurs to regularly brainstorm ideas and share contacts".

You'll also need a minimum of 5 Founding Members (including yourself), who are ready to join for at least one year, 3 of which must be Team Leaders.

Don't have the required 5 Founding Members? Don't worry! Click Here to post your PRE- POD on our web site with the status "Currently Seeking Founding Members". Interested professionals will be able to email you (we will not disclose your email address) and you'll be able to respond appropriately. Before you know it you could have enough members to launch your POD!

I have the 5 Founding Members to start a new Pod, what do I do now? Email us at Pods@networkingforprofessionals.com and let us know that you are ready to launch your Pod. We will email you "Pods: Team Leader's Guide" which provides details on how a Pod functions and lists what to include in your "Pod Application Package".

How do I join a Pod?

To find out more about existing Pods and Pre Pods Click Here! You'll be able to view information on the member base, the location and the next meeting time. Just email the Team Leader to request more information and ask for a Visitor Form if you'd like to attend the next meeting. (All Visitors must fill out a Visitor Form and receive approval before attending a Pod meeting.)

You can also email us at Pods@networkingforprofessionals.com Let us know your name, profession and the city and state you are located in and we'll get back to you about Pods in your area that are currently seeking members. You'll be able to attend a Pod meeting and pick up a Member Application while you are there.

What do I bring to a Pod meeting? Bring business cards!

Prepare a brief 90 second speech about your business or service that includes the types of referrals you are seeking.

Some Pods may have a meeting cost associated with the cost of food and beverages, so you'll need to bring enough cash to cover this amount. If the Pod meeting occurs at a restaurant or cafe, you'll need to bring enough cash to pay for any food/beverages you purchase, plus tax and tip, as venues often frown upon splitting the bill between too many credit cards. The First Team Leader will be able to advise you on the amount you'll need to bring to the Pod meeting.

I'm already a member of NFP and I'm paying a monthly membership fee, but I want to join a Pod. What do I do this? No problem! Go ahead and join the Pod. Pod membership is paid annually by check. Once you've paid your Pod Membership Fee we will put a stop on your monthly charges for your Regular NFP membership (if applicable). You'll be able to keep your NFP member number and your online profile.

How much is the Annual Membership Fee? The Special Introductory Rate is just $199 a year!

Want to know more about starting a Pod? Click Here to request the "NFP PODS: OVERVIEW."



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