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This form is an application for a FREE REGULAR MEMBERSHIP at NFP. If you are interested in joining an NFP POD click here.

Only professionals in some states are eligible for FREE MEMBERSHIP. If you live or do business in NY, NJ, CT or AZ you are NOT ELIGIBLE FOR FREE MEMBERSHIP and should not fill out the form below. (Your profile will not be accepted). For information on fees in your area click here. To join NFP for a small membership fee click here.

If you live and do business OUTSIDE these states you may now be eligible to join Networking For Professionals for free for a limited time! Our members are able to post their professional profiles on our site and network online at their own convenience. NFP members also receive discounts to our events.

Before applying for free membership, check you fit one of our professional categories (see below). Then simply fill out the form and click on submit. We will review your profile and email you if you are accepted for NFP membership. (This can take up to 3 days as we review all profiles for quality control.)

IMPORTANT: Networking For Professionals is a networking group for professionals looking to build business relationships. It is not a place to "sell" your product or service. Profiles submitted that do not respect a networking philosophy of reciprocity may not be accepted. Online networking on NFP works best when professionals submit a complete and informative profile, so please make sure to fill out all fields of your profile to maximize your chances of acceptance. INCOMPLETE PROFILES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

Please note that NFP membership is not open to those professionals engaged in Network Marketing or Multi Level Marketing.



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