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NFP Membership Rates


If you live and work outside of NY, NJ, and AZ you may apply for free membership. To apply now Click Here.

Individual Membership in NY, NJ and AZ is free for the first month (includes membership processing time).

After the first month, Individual Memberships are $20 per month in NY, and NJ and $10 per month in AZ . Fees are conveniently billed to your credit card. Membership fees may be tax deductible - ask your accountant.

Should you wish to cancel your membership, just send an email to support@NetworkingForProfessionals.com requesting cancellation of your membership. Please include your first and last name along with your membership number and password. We will send you an email to confirm that we have received your notification. Please note that you must contact us at least two business days before the next billing period in order to avoid being charged for the next month. Membership fees are non-refundable.

Corporate Memberships are also available. Contact us at membership@NetworkingForProfessionals.com for custom rates for your company or firm.

POD MEMBERSHIP (Includes Regular Membership)

Annual Membership Fees are $199 payable by check only. Membership Fees must be submitted to the Account Leader of the Pod. Membership Fees for existing Members may only be raised at the time of Membership renewal. Team Leaders may have their Membership Fees refunded if they serve a full year in accordance with the conditions outlined in the "Team Leader's Agreement´┐Ż"

Professionals must fill out a Membership Application with the Pod they are seeking to join. (Membership Applications forms are available at all PODS). For more on Pods see PODS.


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