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Don't yet have the required 5 founding members to start a POD? No problem! Submit the form below and ask us to include your proposed Pod's name and description on our web site with the status "Currently Seeking Founding Members." Potential members will be able to email you through the site and you'll be able to respond appropriately (we will not disclose your email address). Before you know it you could have enough members to launch your POD! (Any potential POD Team Leader may fill out and submit this form at any stage in a Pod's formation.)

If you haven't already read the "NFP PODS: OVERVIEW" click here to request a copy before you fill out the form below. It contains important infomation you'll want to have before posting your Pre-Pod online.

When you are ready to launch your Pod you'll need to mail a completed "Pod Application Package" to the NFP Office.



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