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Tips on Using NFP

NETWORKING FOR PROFESSIONALS is a powerful networking tool if you use it correctly. It is a great way to initiate contact with other professionals and begin mutually beneficial business relationships. Here are some tips on how to make the most of NFP:

EMAILS FROM US: If you elected to receive our email newsletter and event updates when signing up for NFP membership you should start to receive them within the week. If you are having problems receiving our emails please check your junk folder and add the domain networkingforprofessionals.com to your safe list in your mail program. (Please do not provide an email address associated with a spam guard that requires a response from us to be delivered as we are unable to fulfill this request.)

If you would like to sign up to receive our newsletter, just enter your email address in the box provided on the top right of this page.

MEMBER PROFILES: YOUR PROFILE is how other members see you, so it is crucial that it makes a great first impression. Fill out all fields and double check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Try to convey to other members what you are looking for as well as how you may be able to help others. Remember, networking is about building business relationships based on RECIPROCITY.

Upload a photo to make a great impression and help others remember you. Choose a photo that looks smart, stylish and professional. (Please note that photos of images other than yourself - of pets, children, etc. are not considered appropriate for this business networking site. Photos that are deemed inappropriate will be deleted. )

Do you have a video describing your business? Have you been interviewed on TV about your business or industry? Let others know by featuring it in your NFP profile! Members can now feature a business related video in their profile. Just log on and go to My Videos for details.

Looking for members to network with? Browsing other member's profiles is easy! Just click the search button located on the main menu bar. You can search for a particular member or browse member profiles selected by a keyword, profession, location or company. Please note that you must be logged on to the site to view full member profiles and to view the Member Directory.

MY CONTACTS: Your contacts is a list of members you know. You can add contacts to your profile at any time by clicking Add to My Contacts on any member profile. Contacts will be sent an email and must give their consent before they can be confirmed.

To view your list of Contacts click on My Contacts under My Network. You can also see members who list you as a contact by clicking on Members Who List me. To remove a contact from your list or to remove yourself from another member's contact list, just click the X in the top right corner. You can also hide or display your contact list on your profile through My Settings.

BOOKMARKED MEMBERS: You can Bookmark member profiles you find interesting and may want to return to later. To Bookmark members click Add to Bookmarked Members on any member profile. Members do not receive notification when you add them to your Bookmarked list.

MY DIRECTORY LISTING: All NFP members receive a complimentary basic listing in the NFP Member Directory. Basic listings can include your name, your business type, business name, business address, email, web site, phone and fax number. Enhanced Listings are available to members at a nominal cost of $59.99 per year, billed annually to your credit card. You can include a special member 2 member offer to other NFP members with your directory listing. To read special offers, go to the Member Directory and roll your mouse over the M2M icons.

MY ADDRESS BOOK: You can add listings from the Member Directory to your Address Book. To add listings click the FLAG on any listing in the Directory. You can even save your additional notes about each listing.

ENDORSEMENTS: If you have worked with or had the chance to observe another member's work, you may wish to write an endorsement of that member. Endorsements appear as part of a member's profile. Members you endorse will be sent an email and must give their consent for the endorsement to be confirmed.

MY SETTINGS: Under my profile settings you can select to allow others to see your real name and contact information in your profile. You can also choose to hide your profile from non-members browsing the site. You can link or separate your Profile and Directory listing, choose to show or hide your contact list, and block certain members from contacting you. You can also choose to receive emails from all members, members who are 3 contacts away from you or only from your contact list.

EVENT HISTORY: As a member you won't need to worry if you've met an important contact at a past event and misplaced their business card - you'll enjoy instant easy access to list of attendees from past events you've been to, simply by clicking on Event History in your member profile.

MY SETTINGS: You can block certain members from contacting you under "My Settings". You can also select to A/ allow contact from all members B/ only allow members who are three contacts away to contact you or C/ only allow members who are on your contact list to contact you.

EMAIL TO AND FROM MEMBERS: Log on to to the web site and use MY MAIL to send and receive mail from other members. Important: When you receive member mail to your NFP inbox you will be emailed a notification sent to your email address that we have on record. TO REPLY to member mail you MUST log on to the web site and send mail from your mail box. (Do NOT just click REPLY on your mail program as your mail will not be delivered.)


  1. Set aside 30 minutes each week to browse through our member profiles and decide who you would like to contact. Our number of members is growing rapidly, so each time you return to the site you will see new profiles.

  2. At least once a month, select and email those members whose profile and objectives compliment your own. Ask to set up a meeting either over the phone or in person. Your email should provide a brief description of who you are (the member can always refer to your profile on the web site for more information) and why you chose to contact this member. State how the member may be of help to you and how you may be valuable to this member. You may provide your contact details in your initial email or, if you prefer, you may request an indication of interest before providing this information.

  3. Follow up with those members you have made contact with on a regular basis. Stay updated on their goals and needs and remind them of your own. Connect with your contacts about a potential referral, or if you have information about an existing client or competitor. If you have some thoughts on a business problem you previously discussed, or you know someone you think the member might like to meet, get in touch and offer to make the introduction.


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